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Kim Kardashian and I planned a weekend riding bikes through trails in the hills about two hours from us. We packed a small tent and things for a rough overnight in the woods. These were packed into a backpack and bike pack that we could mount to the handlebars of our mountain bikes.

We made our start off point at the state park. We parked, loaded our bikes and headed out. I liked following behind Kim because she was wearing jean cut offs that pulled deep into her crack so that when she was on her seat two cheeks were totally in view and she wore a crop-top without a bra so when she leaned into her handle bars her tits were in full view. When we travel like this we bring just what we need and bras and panties fall into the category of not needed!

We selected our camping spot next to a brook that we have used many times. The brook forms a nice pond for bathing and swimming. It would take us five-six hours to reach that spot. We saw others along the trail, most were hikers. Like people along the trails do, we chatted at every encounter. That is part of the fun; especially when horny Kim gets stared at by the guys. After the first hour her tee shirt is damp from sweat and sticking to her. The rounds of her tits could be seen below the short cropped-off tee. And her cut-offs rode deep into her crotch and ass from the pressure of the seat. What a sight she was! We stopped twice for power snacks and to cool down. At one of these I got Kim Kardashian up against a tree and pulled her jeans down and we fucked standing in the woods alongside the trail. We like to "christen" spots along the trail and we'd talk about them when we rode past on other trips. We've made this trip many times so we had lots of spots.

When we got to our spot there were a couple of campsites with hikers; both were remote from each other. We set up ours away from the others close enough to hear the brook babble; something we liked to listen to at night. After set up we headed for the pond to take a dip and get the day's trail dust and sweat off our bodies. When we got down to the water we saw that both of the camping parties had similar ideas. We saw that one group was three college-aged guys and the other was two couples. Kim Kardashian and I wore our cut offs and she her crop top, since bathing suits are also in the "not necessary" category. We usually take three sets of clothes and at the end of each night we try to wash out one set. The pond isn't that big so all three groups got to talking and exchanging pleasantries. The two couples were closer to our age and the college kids were actually just out of high school enjoying their last summer before going to different colleges. The oldest was 19 and the youngest was 18. The guys were really eyeing sexy Kim because her crop was practically see-through and often settled above her chest when she was in the water. The other two women weren't wearing much more. One had a skimpy bathing suit on and the other cut-offs and a tank top without a bra. They were getting a lot of attention from the boys, too. During our swim we played around with everyone. The guys spent a lot of time with Kim and the girls (Sam and Lea). There seemed to be a lot body contact in the water and it looked like all the girls were encouraging it. During the swim we all decided to pool our resources for dinner. Nobody brought much, but, it would be fun to share and mingle.

We left the pond and headed to our campsite to change and prepare for dinner. It was decided that the guy's site would be used for dinner since it had the biggest opened area. We took our stuff and headed through the woods to the site. Again, Kim Kardashian was dressed in a crop top and cut offs. The couples brought two bottles to share. We ate our meager dinner and drank. We talked about where we were from and where the guys were going to school. As the sun went down we built a nice fire and sat around it. One of the guys said it was too bad that we didn't have a game to play. Lea said that each of the couples brought a deck of cards and the men went off to get them at their site.

We decided to split into two groups and play hearts. After a few more drinks and some boring hands the two couples decided to return to their tent. The bugs were starting to come out so the guys invited us into their tent to continue with our game. We were all a little tipsy from the two bottles that the couples brought and the tent was small so we were all a little close. Kim Kardashian was showing lots of tits and ass as she maneuvered around in the tent. One of the guys said something smart and Kim Kardashian responded "kiss my ass". The kid responded that he'd love to. Kim Kardashian is not one to let an obvious challenge go got on her knees and turned her ass to him. He looked at me and turned kinda red and I told him to go for it. He grabbed Kim Kardashian by the hips and pulled her ass into his face and he gave her a loud smack with his lips, causing Kim Kardashian to giggle. I could tell that the tequila was working on her. I was enjoying watching these kids at least ten years our younger drooling over my wife.

We started talking about what they planned on doing before heading off to school and all three had agreed that they were going to get a tattoo. They were talking about their designs and Kim Kardashian told them that she had three tattoos. They wanted to see them of course and Kim Kardashian looked at me and I nodded my head and she shrugged and lifted off her tee shirt, shocking the boys when her bare breasts bounced into sight. She showed them the butterfly on her tit sitting on her nipple. She scooted up her hips and pull off her cutoffs to reveal a very naked and shaved pussy with Taz climbling out of it. Then she rolled over to show the flowers going across her lower back; practically sticking her naked ass in their faces. She giggled a little and rolled back over on her back; exposing Taz to the guys. I'm not sure if it was the tattoo or the naked pussy that was keeping their attention. She stayed naked while we talked about tattoos and piercings. She sat up with her legs crossed in front of her causing her shaved pussy to spread. After a bit we told them that we were going back to our tent. We slid out of the tent and stood, Kim Kardashian still naked, and she hugged and kissed each of the guys and we headed over to our tent. I enjoyed watching her among the three guys as they took in her naked body.

Back in the tent I remarked that she was being very "good" because usually when in a situation such as that there would have been some serious sexual activity. It was then that she told me that we could expect a visitor. Seems that while hugging one of the young studs she had told him to come over to our tent. Just about that time in pops a head and asked if it was okay to come in. Kim Kardashian told him that only if he was naked. It took only a couple of seconds before he had shed his shorts and shirt and was crawling into our tent naked. Kim Kardashian immediately latched on to him and started to kiss him passionately. The kid was wide eyed looking at me and laid down on her when he saw me nod. He had his hands all over her and had to guide his hands and fingers to her glistening pussy. He started rubbing furiously and Kim Kardashian had to make him slow down. I could tell that the kids was going to learn some things about lovemaking tonight!

She pushed his head down to her pussy and I turned the lantern on so that I could get a better view as his tongue started to caress her clit. She was getting into a rhythm. She was looking right at me as she started to bite her lower lip and smile. The boy had found the spot and she was on the verge. When she came the first time she looked right at me then closed her eyes and pushed his face hard into her. I thought she was going to smother him! After she came around she opened her eyes and said to me that she wanted him to fuck her right now. I nodded again the she pulled in up and guided him into her. The kid pumped and thrust for just a few seconds before he pulled out and came all over her stomach.

She said, "Fuck!!! I wanted to feel your cum inside of me!!!" She was pushing his softening member back inside of her. She wasn't done with him yet. She told him to keep pumping; encouraging him to go on. It wasn't long before he was hard enough to do what she wanted. He was thrusting and she had her legs up so he could go deep and it provided me a great view of his shiny dick sliding in and out. She was pulling on his ass and helping him thrust in. I watched as her toes curled and she arched her back and I knew that she was coming again. She kept telling our young friend to keep fucking her and he was eager to comply. She came at least two more times before he came again. This time she had her legs wrapped around him and he had no choice but to dump his load inside of her. As he pumped and buried himself inside my wife she came with such intensity that she was leaving claw marks on his ass as she pulled him to her.

They lay in a heap breathing heavily while I stripped. Our friend pulled out of her and Kim Kardashian told him to stay the night. While I fucked her she was sucking on his soft dick. He was soft enough for her to take in all the way down to his balls. It was such a turn on to see this while I fucked her. It didn't take me long to mix my cum with our new friend's. We stayed in that position and I fell asleep with my dick inside her pussy and his dick in her mouth. When I woke up in the morning our fiends was gone and Kim Kardashian was still sleeping; our cum settling under he ass. I cuddled close and fell back to sleep. When we got up both groups were gone. We walked naked to the pond and swam and cleaned up; dressed and headed out on our journey. I was to be an interesting time as we came upon our group again later in the trip.